Survey Says Readers Read CCL

People throughout Colorado still read Colorado Country Life, their electric co-op magazine.

A recent survey conducted by the magazine in cooperation with MRI Simmons, a survey company out of New York, shows that 81.3% of the co-op consumer-members receiving the magazine read it on a regular basis.

In an age when so much communication is digital, CCL staff is excited that the survey shows its readers look forward to the magazine and spend time reviewing the stories and news articles inside. In fact, according to the survey, almost half of those reading the magazine spend 30 minutes or more with the magazine each month.

The survey results showed that readers appreciate the information on energy efficiency, as well as the news from their local electric co-op. Also popular with readers are the stories about Colorado people and places, Dennis Smith’s Outdoor column, Recipes, the Funny Stories in the back and Gardening, in that order.

Readers appreciate receiving their copy of CCL and 82.7% know it comes from their local electric co-op with another 16.8% “pretty sure” that it is sent by their electricity provider. And 94.8% trust the magazine.

The survey also found that only a small percentage of readers have visited the magazine’s website; 90.5% want to keep receiving their electric co-op news in print.