Baby Yoda mocktail wrapped in a cute burlap robe


Two mocktail seabreezes

Easy Pseudo “Sea Breeze”

Increase the recipe and refrigerate in a pitcher so you can sip to your heart’s content whenever the urge arises.

Closeup of a mocktail cosmo with an orange slice

Quasi “Cosmo”

Serve your mocktail in a martini glass and no one will suspect you’re simply sipping on fruit juices. They delicious and refreshing...

Two mugs of spice mulled wine mocktail surrounded by ingredients

So-Called Spiced Mulled “Wine”

This hot beverage is surprisingly similar in taste to a spiked spiced wine and will warm your bones on a cold Colorado day.

Two glasses of lavender lemon cooler with sugared rims and lemon slices

Undercover Lavender Lemon Cooler

After a few sips, you’ll taste the subtle flavors blooming with citrus and a light hint of lavender undertones.

Old fashioned mocktail with a candied orange slice

Old Fashioned Mocktail with Homemade Candied Orange Peel

The candied cinnamon and clove orange slices in this old fashioned mocktail add a sweet touch to the strong spiced tea.

Baby Yoda mocktail wrapped in a cute burlap robe

Baby Yoda Mocktail

These cute baby Yoda inspired mocktails add a dash of whimsy to your mocktail. The garnishes and green tint are key for the look.

closeup of slice of half-eaten pumpkin pie

Caramelized Pumpkin Pie

“Caramelizing pumpkin puree with maple syrup brings out the natural sweetness of the winter squash in this irresistible pie. That simple trick also concentrates the sweetness of the maple syrup, resulting in a decadent dessert that uses less than half the sugar of a traditional pumpkin pie recipe.”