Baby Yoda mocktail wrapped in a cute burlap robe

Baby Yoda Mocktail

December 31, 2020

These cute baby Yoda inspired mocktails add a dash of whimsy to your mocktail. The garnishes and green tint are key for the look.

Baby Yoda mocktail wrapped in a cute burlap robe


Fill a shaker with ice and add the lime soda and white grape juice; shake until chilled. Add the club soda and sparkling water; shake only once to secure carbonation. Pour into a clear glass. Add two lime half-circles to the glass to resemble Yoda's ears. Skewer two blueberries onto a toothpick to resemble eyes; place atop the glass. Wrap burlap around the body of the glass to resemble the robe and secure with a safety pin. Repeat with second glass. Serves 2.


2/3 cup Jarritos lime soda, chilled

¼ cup white grape juice, chilled

¼ cup club soda, chilled

3 tablespoons orange sparkling water

1 lime, sliced into half circles

4 blueberries

2 4-inch skewers

Burlap, optional