October 2022 Poetry

Image by David Mark from Pixabay
I watched a cloud climb up the mountain 
this morning, at first just a puff of mist 
white air, it stretched itself out, elongating, 
fragmenting, as if searching for handholds, 
then bunched back together again as 
it neared the top. It reached up as if 
it needed a last boost over the peak 
to achieve and fulfill a need to rise. 

By the time it was full daylight 
the cloud had made it up and over 
the mountainside and then it flew 
wide, skimming the cool dawn sky 
as if moving away to explore the freedom 
of space. Strange that I never thought 
of clouds as alive with purpose and presence 
with a need in time to transform and rise. 

Pat Maslowski, Drake 
Poudre Valley REA consumer-member

Rocky Mountain Autumn 
New England boasts of maple leaves 
in vibrant russet tones. 
The West Coast has perpetual spring – 
Fall’s equinox is unknown. 
But the Rocky Mountain region 
is the jewel in nature’s crown. 
Pine trees stand in silent awe 
as the Aspens paint the town. 
The hillsides yield a treasure trove of 
sparkling gold doubloons, 
that captivate all our senses 
then steal away far too soon. 
Autumn in the mountains 
is a season beyond compare. 
So simple is its beauty, 
yet its vision is all too rare. 

Cynthia Bullock, Black Forest 
Mountain View Electric consumer-member
Visiting my grandparents 
back home on the farm 
trying to be helpful 
give something back 
to generous self-sufficient folk 
I moved much of the woodpile 
from the cold outdoors 
into the warm garage 
despite grandma’s protests 
couple of weeks later 
she calls 
tells me about the big storm 
snowed them in 
electricity out for a week 
the neighbor without heat moved in 
they were warm and safe 
thanks to their big pile of dry wood 
I’m sure they would have been fine 
but she credited me 
with their snowstorm survival 
the easy access to the woodpile 
kept their stove burning 
just now I realize 
all their cooking appliances were electric 
the wood stove must have been 
their cooking heat as well 
I bet they ate a lot of oatmeal 
drank a lot of coffee 
finished off the frozen coffee cake 
ate the ice cream before it melted 

Kiki Chanders, Steamboat Springs 
Yampa Valley Electric consumer-member
Good Neighbors 
Good neighbors willing to help — 
A treasure equal to gold mines, 
To public acclaim in the arts, 
To important discoveries — 
     Rare artifacts, 
     Medical solutions, 
     Industrial improvements — 
All these pale in the light of day 
When what you need is 
A good neighbor at your side 
One who will lift, will carry, 
Will watch, will do 
Will find the right words 
Will smile, squeeze your hand 
And give of herself. 
Thank goodness for good neighbors! 
Lucky me! 
Carol Ehrlich, Grand Lake 
Mountain Parks Electric consumer-member