November 2022 Poetry

Heart Massage 
Awe … 
To massage another’s heart 
Requires trust and time 
Tender loving care 
And gentle hands 
If you plan to go there 
It is not to be treated lightly 
The massage of the heart 
But with privilege and respect 
Not knowing where it’s been 
It could be rather tender and bruised deep within 

When the proper attention 
Is given to the heart 
It will blossom with love 
And the ability to impart 

That is the benefit and beauty 
Of massaging another one’s heart 
Renee Budde, Lakewood
along this posted Hay Gulch Road, 
between an unknown distance left to travel 
and the whimsical right turn 
where the journey began, 

easing themselves from pavement 
to gravel, pursued by nothing 
but billowing dust, 
the two of them sat quietly 

mountain vistas draping the horizon, 
new-mown hayfields drying in the sun. 
The road had to go somewhere 
and they owned the remainder of the day. 

Maps at this point—pointless. The need to know 
without the patience to find out. 
David Feela, Cortez 
Empire Electric Association consumer-member