March 2022 Funny Stories

My daughter Jennifer lives by the railroad tracks near I-25. She has a dog, Jasper, who is good at running away, always in seconds, and up the ramp to I-25. One day he did this. Panicked, Jennifer and the rest of us were running after him, yelling. Her sister Michelle calmly picked up the leash hanging by the door, held it up and yelled, “Jasper, you forgot your leash!” He turned around and rushed back to get his leash on.
Carol Alexander, Calhan
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member

My 5-year-old granddaughter was upset that her older siblings had more money than she did from doing chores. She exclaimed, “I just reeeeally need to lose some teeth so I can make some money!”
Betty Kay B., Monument
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member

I went to my nephew’s 5th birthday party and upon arriving, I saw that he had a large and very bruised bump on his forehead. I asked, “My gosh, Jefferson, what happened to your forehead?” His 2-year-old brother Jeremy ran up to me, planted his hands on his hips and excitedly said, “Pam, you know Jefferson only has ONE head!”
Pam Bland, Fort Morgan
Morgan County REA consumer-member

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