Looking to Connect with Fellow “Star Wars” Fans?

“Star Wars” fan clubs in Colorado are as diverse as the saga’s characters themselves. From droid builders to costume artists to those mostly seeking social opportunities, there’s a group for every age and type of “Star Wars” fan.

Rocky Mountain Fan Force

Rocky Mountain FanForce is Colorado’s local chapter of FanForce, an international organization of Star Wars fans and the physical extension of TheForce.net’s worldwide online presence. It is a social club not centered around costuming, and one is not needed in order to join. Members spend time together at monthly gatherings and conventions and give back to local communities in the name of “Star Wars.” Find information at rmff.net.

Rebel Legion: Mountain Base

The Rebel Legion: Mountain Base serves Colorado and Wyoming through a specific, three-part club mission: 1.) To offer costume enthusiasts of “Star Wars” hero characters a global community to enjoy, express and share their costume talents; 2.) To promote the quality and improvement of “Star Wars” costumes; 3.) Most importantly, according to the club, it follows the lead of Lucasfilm Ltd. by giving back to the community through works of charity and volunteerism. Find information at newsite.rebellegion.com/mountain-base.

501st Legion: Mountain Garrison

The 501st Legion was founded to simply provide a collective identity for costuming fans with similar interests of creating detailed costume replicas of classic “Star Wars” villains. Members fulfill their passions by bringing the characters of “Star Wars” to life and sharing the magic with others. The 501st is proud to put its resources to good use through fundraising, charity work and volunteerism. Find information at mg501.com.

Cerar Clan

Cerar Clan is the Colorado and Wyoming chapter of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. The Mandalorian Mercs is a worldwide “Star Wars” costuming organization comprised of and operated by “Star Wars” fans and volunteers. Members work creatively together to build film-quality costumes that are worn to help raise funds and awareness for a variety of charities and other events. Find information at facebook.com/CerarClan.

Galactic Academy Kessel School of Colorado USA

With the motto, “Judge us by our size do not,” the Kessel School is the Colorado USA chapter of the worldwide Galactic Academy Star Wars costume group for kids ages 17 and younger. Youth who like to dress as “Star Wars” characters are welcome to join. The Academy hosts a gallery online of pictures for kids and teens and serves as a club where members can feel proud to be part of a community of fans. Find information at facebook.com/GAKesselSchool.

Mountain States Droid Builders

Mountain States Droid Builders is a local droid building club serving Colorado and Wyoming and a member of the International R2 Builders Club. Members of the fan hobby club channel their creative talents into building “Star Wars” droids and displaying them at numerous events throughout the region. Membership is open to anyone in the Colorado and Wyoming area who is interested in building a “Star Wars” droid. Find information at msr2droids.com/build-a-droid.