June 2022 Poetry

Evening Showers 

Rough towels 
from the clothes line 
fold around the children 
like boxes, 
then melt against them. 

They sit on the cement floor, 
hair dripping, 
quietly staring. 

Then clothes 
and combing. 

Crickets chirp in the lawn. 

One last, little yawn. 

Kendra Hicks, Briggsdale 
Morgan County Rural Electric Association consumer-member
Memories of the Old Brown Suitcase 

My favorite toy, there is no doubt; 
     was the old brown suitcase that I carried about. 
It was not much to look at, others would say; 
     but to me it was special; — part of my “everyday play.” 
It carried my treasures, whatever they’d be; 
     and very secure with its own lock and key. 
To me it looked like genuine leather; 
     the inside was padded, and soft as a feather. 
It had room to carry books, dolls and toys; 
     or an afternoon snack for the neighborhood boys. 
I’d take it along, wherever I’d go; 
     it could come in handy — one could never know. 
It wasn’t until later that I would see, 
     what other people had been telling me. 
Instead of being leather, it was pressed cardboard, 
     and the handle was made from a frayed piece of cord. 
The lock and key that I saw as a kid, 
     was a safety pin, attached to the lid. 
But it will always hold a special place in my heart; 
     those sweet memories will never part. 

Pam Cook, Fort Collins 
Poudre Valley REA consumer-member

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