June 2022 Funny Stories

My granddaughter, Macey, has quite an imagination. She is always thinking! One day last summer, when she was barely 4 years old, after playing in the sandbox she came running in to the kitchen and told me to hold out my hands. As I held them out, she began to fill them with sand from her shaker bottle and proudly announced, “You need some SANDITIZER!”
Nadene Gaynor, Kit Carson
K.C. Electric Association consumer-member

I was flying from Ohio to Colorado Springs to visit my daughter and family. At the last minute as I walked out the door, I opened the freezer and grabbed some of my homemade, gluten-free banana bread to put in my carry on. On the plane I was seated between two elderly women and as we talked I told them how delicious my banana bread was. They were quite interested, so when I pulled out my foil wrapped bread to share with them, imagine the laughter and surprise when we discovered I had brought a pound of frozen hamburger with me!
Cheryl Boys, Colorado Springs
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member

My son was teasing my husband by stealing tomatoes from his plate while he wasn’t looking. In an attempt to distract my husband, my son says, “Dad, look at that dove out on the tree.” My husband wasn’t fooled (although I was). I look at my son and said, “There is an easier way to get tomatoes. Use your manners.” That is when my younger daughter pipes up, “Dad, PLEASE look out the window!” We couldn’t stop laughing for a while after that!
Sarabeth Kluksdahl, Briggsdale
United Power consumer-member

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