July 2022 Poetry

Image by Nicola Giordano from Pixabay
Out of Control 
I have a horse 
Cody is her name 
She taught me much 
To her I’ll blame 
She likes to do her own thing 

Out in the pasture we rode 
Headed to the barn we did go 
I did not give her the lead 
Cody merely took it from me 

Like a flash of lighting 
We did fly
Never touching the ground 
What a high! 

My heart beating fast 
Exhilaration I did feel 
So out of control it was surreal! 

Tried so hard to pull back on the reins 
Only to feel the grounds’ rocks 
Once again 

What a thrill at the time 
I could have been killed 
That wasn’t God’s time or plan 
For I lived to tell the story once again 
A valuable lesson 
Of which Cody gets the blame 
A mare out of control is a VERY DANGEROUS thing! 

Horses and people are much the same. 

Renee Budde, Lakewood 
Western Rain 
Trumpeting droplets 
Across the mesa. 
The plowing storm rambles 
Toward tomorrow. 
Golden crowned clouds gliding 
Over the summit. 
Seeds sown in the wetted green. 
A mare dances 
Across the windswept meadow. 
Suddenly, the heavens open 
To a deeper blue. 
Then, the stars! 

Burt Baldwin, Bayfield 
La Plata Electric consumer-member

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