January 2024 Funny Stories

young girl in a pink parka coat

The first snow of the season seems to take me by surprise every fall, and this year I discovered my daughter had outgrown last year’s winter coat. I was scrambling to find something fast that would fit and decided to order her a lovely fur-trimmed parka online. When it arrived, I was happy to see that it fit well, and also happy to read the tag and share with my daughter that her coat was made out of recycled plastic bottles. As she modeled her new coat in the living room, her envious little brother demanded to know, “When do I get my coat made out of trash?”

Rebecca Sundhagen,
Peyton Mountain View Electric member


My grandchildren were in the car with me, 6-year-old Ella and 5-year-old twins Matthew and Evie. We were following their dad to the garage where his car was going to be worked on; he was about a block ahead of us. Evie suddenly asked, “Why is Daddy’s car going so much faster?” Ella replied, “Well, there’s one person in that car, and there are four people in this car.”

Marilee Bennett,
Hugo K.C. Electric member

After Christmas, I traveled to visit my son and his young family. I went to help with cooking and cleaning, as they had a new baby. As I was loading my car to leave, I quipped that I was concerned that they would starve after I was gone. My 4-year-old granddaughter smiled up at me and said, “It’s OK, YaYa, we still have candy canes on the Christmas tree.”

Stephanie Hamilton,
Dallas GCEA member