January 2023 Funny Stories

My husband Jim and I took our two grandsons James, 12, and John, 10, to Minnesota for my mom’s 80th birthday. Neither had ever been out of California or Colorado. Driving along, we didn’t allow them to get out their cellphones. I told them to look at the great scenery instead. They didn’t listen. So, I looked at Jim and spoke some gibberish. He looked at me, caught on and spoke gibberish back. He caught their questioning eyes and said, “Boys, Grandma and I have something to tell you. We’re aliens.” From then on, they were on their best behavior. No phones. But then at the hotel, they left a note that read “Help Us!” To this day they claim they didn’t believe us. 
Marjane McCallum, Pueblo West 
San Isabel Electric Association consumer-member 
When my youngest daughter was preschool age, we had a habit of having a late Sunday breakfast and then having dinner around 3 p.m. One such Sunday, around 7 p.m., she asked, “When are we going to have dinner?” My wife told her that we had already eaten dinner. She thought about it for a while then asked, “Did I get any?” 
Bruce Florquist, Severance 
Poudre Valley REA consumer-member 
After a full day of rambunctious play, my 7-year-old nephew was exhausted. He explained, “I think my brain is like a laptop and I just have too many tabs open today!” 
Caryllee Cheatham, Colorado Springs 
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member