January 2022 Funny Stories

While visiting relatives in Louisville, Kentucky, I asked my 6-year-old great-niece if she knew where she lived. She said yes and recited her address to me. I told her that I lived in Colorado and said, “Let’s get a map and I’ll show you where that is.” She responded, “We don’t need a map — just get in the car and tell it where to go!”
Barbara Allen, Colorado Springs
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member

My 3 year old was misbehaving during a family walk and kept on putting a stick in my 7-year-old daughter’s face. I told him several times to stop or he would lose his TV privileges. He didn’t stop so I told him that we would hang out in his room for a time out. When I asked why his listening ears weren’t working, he paused and said, “There was a power outage.”
Grace Borlee, Fort Collins
Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association consumer-member

My kids are no strangers to their Dad leaving for work on an airplane. He’s usually away for several weeks, so, in the past after dropping him off, we would stop for a treat to dry the tears. On his most recent departure, we asked, like we always do, if they wanted to accompany us on the ride to the airport to drop him off. The 4 year old first replied, “No.” However, after a few minutes of contemplation, he looked at me and asked, “Wait, Mom! If I go and I cry, can we get donuts?” Who can say no to that?
Tamara Wineland, Colorado Springs
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member