Focus on… Diversity

Photo courtesy of American Girl

Introducing Corinne Tan™

Back on December 30, American Girl doll company announced its 2022 Girl of the Year™: Corinne Tan™, a Chinese American girl who lives in Aspen with her blended family. According to the story that accompanies each American Girl doll, Corinne faces xenophobic remarks and initially struggles with sharing details of her life with others. But with the help of her family, according to the story that accompanies each American Girl doll, Corinne learns problem-solving skills such as how to stand up to racist bullies and how to be forthright about herself in difficult situations.

The Vision Behind the Girls

American Girl’s Girl of the Year™ was conceived in 2001 with the introduction of Lindsey Bergman, a Jewish girl who must maneuver through difficulties of her own. The company initiated the Girl of the Year™ campaign to help “empower today’s girls with confidence, understanding, and a broader worldview toward others.” Topics surrounding girls’ current issues, interests and activities help inspire the dolls year after year.

The Cornerstone of Corinne

American Girl collaborated with award-winning author Wendy Wan-Long Shang to create Corinne’s persona and to detail her life’s perspectives through two books: “Corinne” and “Corinne to the Rescue.” The 18-inch doll was created in the character’s likeness. “While filled with outdoor adventure and fun, Corinne’s message is, ultimately, about the power of love — between families, friends and communities — and the strength and courage that comes from it,” said American Girl General Manager Jamie Cygielman.

Expert Advice

For authenticity and accuracy, American Girl assembled a panel of advisors to create Corinne, including three Colorado consultants: Lori Spence, an avalanche dog trainer and director of the Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol; William Wei, Colorado state historian and professor of modern Chinese history at the University of Colorado, Boulder; and Jennifer Ho, professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, president of the Association of American Studies, and an anti-Asian racism expert.

Where Can You Find Corinne?

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