February 2024 Funny Stories

My 3-year-old daughter and I visited a children’s museum, and she was really disappointed when it was time to leave. I explained, “We played for 60 minutes! That’s a whole hour! That’s quite a long time, sweetie.”

She considered this and then pleaded, “Next time, can we stay for 16 garbage cans long?” I laughed as I realized that measuring time is a difficult concept for a toddler. Sixteen garbage cans would sure be a lot of something!

Sierra Hess, Peyton
Mountain View Electric Association member


Our 5-year-old granddaughter is in her first year of homeschooling. During a recent video call, I asked her how math was going, to which she replied, “I can count to 100!” I then asked if she was learning addition and subtraction. She retorted disdainfully, “No, but I have distraction.” When asked the source, she said, “My siblings.” She has three of them, all younger than she.

Darrell Schoenig, Bellvue
Poudre Valley REA member


We were so excited to take our 3-year-old granddaughter to the Denver Aquarium. We told her about all the fish we would see in the great big tanks. As we were driving there, she kept asking, “Will the fish bite me?” We said, “No, the fish are in big tanks of water.” She was very apprehensive as we walked around the aquarium, standing far back from the exhibits. Gradually, she approached some the exhibits. After we left the aquarium, it dawned on us that she had asked the question because her papa and her daddy go fishing and come back and say, “Fishing was great, the fish were really biting.”

Terry Eberly, Littleton
Mountain Parks Electric member