February 2023 Poetry

Life’s been good to me
A skinny little kid in ragged clothes
Dirty hands and a sun burned nose
A secret hideout up in a big oak tree
A slingshot and an old hound dog
Runnin’ through the creeks, catchin’ frogs
Ol’ Tom ‘n Huck had nothing on me

Carry our lunch and walk to school
Christopher Columbus and the golden rule
We said the Pledge of Allegiance every day
We grew up fast but we grew up good
We raised a little hell but we understood
that good or bad, there was a price to pay

Worked two jobs for my wife and kids
God sure blessed everything we did
We had each other and the good Lord up above
Now the kids are out and on their own
We love it when they bring the grandkids home
and after 40 years we’re still in love

A tired old man in baggy clothes
Wore out hands and a sun burned nose
An open book for everyone to see
Out on the porch is my easy chair
I sure enjoy just sittin’ there
Life’s been good to me

Dennis L. Fisher, Nathrop
SDCEA consumer-member