Electric Co-ops All About Cooperation

October, National Cooperative Month, is the perfect time to discuss the 6th cooperative principle: Cooperation Among Cooperatives.

Cooperatives serve their members most effectively when they work together with other co-ops. Colorado’s 22 electric distribution co-ops work together through CREA, their statewide trade association, as an economical way to access services all of the co-ops need. Through CREA, they can lobby the legislature on behalf of co-op interests, share educational resources to keep employees and board members prepared to meet consumer-members’ needs, and provide safety education and support for employees.

Colorado’s co-ops also work together to provide this magazine for consumer-members. While each co-op has its own version of Colorado Country Life, collectively, the co-ops are able to surround the important local co-op news pages with other information also important to consumer-members.

And the list goes on. Cooperation among cooperatives helps your electric co-op continue to provide service in an affordable and sustainable way.