December 2023 Funny Stories

I was making chocolate chip cookies with our 4-year-old granddaughter and 2 1/2-year-old grandson. I used dark chocolate chips instead of the typical milk chocolate chips.

After baking the cookies, both grandchildren enthusiastically bit into the cookies. While my grandson was happily eating away at his cookie, our granddaughter was not. “Grandma, I don’t like these chocolate chips. I only like the swirly ones,” she commented as she threw her cookie in the trash. Our grandson looked up at her and said, “Can’t you just eat the part of the cookie without the chocolate chips?”
Karen Briski, Loveland
Poudre Valley REA member

One day my 4-year-old Madi wanted to share her solitary gumdrop. First, she gave her daddy a nibble of her gumdrop. Then she held up the gumdrop for me to take a nibble. When I hesitated (thinking about where her little hands had been), she let me know that it was perfectly sanitary. “I licked Daddy’s germs off,” she assured me.
Alicia Riley, Grand Junction
Grand Valley Power member

When our son Zakary was 5, we sent him to spend a week with his grandparents at their cabin in the mountains. My father and Zak were doing some odd jobs outside and discussing when and if you could use certain swear words. The overall consensus was that some swear words were OK if you hit your thumb with a hammer, but you should never swear when a lady is around.

So after about 30 minutes of discussion, my dad asks Zak if he wants to help him clean some beaver dams from the stream. Zakary says, “Grandpa, you said ‘dam!’” My dad tells Zakary that a dam is a beaver’s home, so it is OK to say “dam” when you’re talking about a beaver.

Zakary looks around to see if grandma is outside, and seeing that she’s not, he says, “OK, Grandpa, let’s go get those dam beavers!”
Christi Bocconcelli, Grand Junction
Grand Valley Power member