Colorado Electrical Lineworker Appreciation Day

Pictured: CREA Executive Director Kent Singer with Colorado lineworkers and electric co-op representatives.

On Monday, April 10, 2023, Sen. Chris Hansen (D-Denver) and Sen. Cleave Simpson (R-Alamosa) read a resolution at the Capitol to establish Colorado Electrical Lineworker Appreciation Day. The day will be observed on April 18 each year to honor and recognize the crucial role that lineworkers play in providing safe and reliable electricity to communities throughout Colorado.

The resolution, recognizing lineworkers as the first responders for utilities, received unanimous bipartisan support from the Colorado Senate.

Sen. Hansen expressed gratitude for lineworkers, stating that as Colorado works toward a clean energy transition, lineworkers are essential to maintaining a reliable electric grid. The State Senate also recognizes the need to continue the support of private and public programs that train a sufficient number of electrical lineworkers.

CREA Executive Director Kent Singer reflects on the resolution saying, “Electric lineworkers are the unsung heroes of our modern society. Everything we rely on for a comfortable life, from food and shelter to computers, televisions and cellphones, is dependent on a functioning electric grid. Electric lineworkers are the ones who keep that grid in service at all times of the day and night and through every weather condition imaginable. We owe all of them a huge debt of gratitude.”

The Colorado Electrical Lineworker Appreciation Day resolution was supported by a coalition of energy industry groups, including the Colorado Rural Electric Association, Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities, Xcel Energy and Black Hills Energy. Lineworkers and representatives from Colorado’s electric cooperatives and Black Hills Energy attended the resolution reading at the Capitol.

CREA is the trade association representing 21 Colorado electric co-ops across the state. It provides legislative, safety, education and communication support to its member co-ops. The mission of the CREA is to enhance and advance the interests of its member electric cooperatives through a united effort.