August 2022 Funny Stories

After the first day of kindergarten, my little great-granddaughters came to visit and I asked them how school was. One of the twins looked at me very sad and said, “It was good, but I feel so bad because our teacher didn’t pass. She is still in preschool, and it makes me really feel bad for her.” 
Susan Kern, Cheyenne Wells 
K.C. Electric Association consumer-member 
Teacher asked little Tommy, “How do you spell crocodile?” 

Tommy quickly responded, “K R O K O D I A L.” 

His teacher frowned. “No, that is wrong.” 

Tommy then told her, “Well, it may be wrong, but YOU asked me how I spell it!” 
Penny Hamilton, Granby 
Mountain Parks Electric consumer-member 
While working in the third-grade class, a student came up from behind me, gave me a big hug and told me that I was so beautiful. As he was touching my hair he said, “Except your gray hair.” Then he bounced away. Ya got to love the honesty of a child. 
Lori Peek, Deer Trail 
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member 
Our son was just starting kindergarten. Shortly after the semester started, he came home very excited. When we asked why, he said the class had a birthday party for his teacher. Since we just met her — a pretty, blue-eyed blond — we asked him how old she was. He replied, “Either 28 or 82. I can’t remember which.” 
Ralph Murphy, Morrison 
CORE Electric Cooperative

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