2022 Books for Young Readers

Image by Petra from Pixabay

Everybody Loves Grace: A True Story of Grace’s Adventure to Pennsylvania
by Katy McQuaid
Don’t wait to check items off your bucket list — go for it now!
Pigture Perfect
by Jenny Goebel
Grace gets the picture that her pet pig Bernard has a talent of making sick people feel better. Could he be a therapy animal?
God’s Perfectly Awesome Idea
by Claudia S. West
A story about God creating the universe, rooted from the Old Testament.


Bats, Bandits & Buggies
By Nancy Oswald
In Bats, Bandits & Buggies, 13-year-old Ruby is quite unimpressed with her new life in the big town of Colorado Springs in 1898 after moving from her home in Cripple Creek. While making the most of her new home, she quickly encounters all kinds of roadblocks and mischief as she attempts to train her donkey, Maude, and begin her summer business of driving the townspeople through town in a donkey-pulled buggy.
Author Nancy Oswald weaves her sixth Ruby and Maude Adventure into a fun, enchanting and suspenseful tale, perfect for young and old readers alike. Keep up with Ruby’s escapades by finding this book at nancyoswald.com or at local retailers.

by Megan E. Freeman
She woke up to an abandoned town. How will she survive?
When You Know What I Know
By Sonja K. Solter
A fictional book about a 10 year old’s struggle with speaking out about unspeakable actions by a family member. Subject matter could be triggering; read with care.
Tulip’s Disappearing Act
by Virginia K. White
A friendly troll who can “almost” disappear has a series of fun adventures.


Half a Saddle Off
By Susan Carpenter Noble
Meghan Callahan had been riding Western with her cherished horse, Freckles ,for almost a year and a half, so when her trainer recommended training on an English saddle too, Meghan was very skeptical.
Half a Saddle Off is a lovely tale of a young girl and her friends as they navigate finding their way and maturing into young women. The story is a fictional compilation of author Susan Carpenter Noble’s own riding experiences along with those of her students’. Woven throughout is her beautiful love and knowledge of horsemanship and the lessons learned in training that coincide with important life skills. Readers of all ages will want to pick this book up either at susancarpenternoble.com or at a local bookstore.

Nana the Great Comes to Visit
by Lisa Tawn Bergren
Nana the Great is sensationally spunky and the grandkids love it when she visits. How awesome is she? Read to find out!
Lucy the Duct Tape Warrior
by Samantha K. Riggi, illustrated by Todd Myzia
Lucy finds out her school is changing its dress code policy. How can she follow the rules without changing her rambunctious ways?
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