2019 Photo Contest

"Curious Cow"

By Mona Neeley –

The Centennial State is known as a great place to play, whether it is in the snow, on the water, in the mountains, on the eastern plains or wherever your wanderlust takes you. This past year, we asked electric co-op consumers to capture that play for the annual photo contest.

We received 477 entries in four categories: Settings for Play, People and/or Pets at Play, Water at Play and Active Play. The photos entered in the contest captured Colorado’s beautiful scenery, fun and funky animals, water in all of its forms and a variety of activities and adventures.

Entries came from consumer-members of all of our electric co-ops and all four corners of the state. First place winners in the contest are Karen Mason, a member of Grand Valley Power, for Settings for Play; Zach Chapman, a member of Highline Electric Association, for People and/or Pets at Play; Randy Osga, a member of La Plata Electric Association, for Water at Play; and Brad Weinmeister, a member of La Plata Electric Association, for Active Play. You’ll find their photos, as well as the second and third place winners below. Watch a video montage by clicking here or visiting our YouTube channel at /COCountryLife1. Find more entries all year on our Facebook (/COCountryLife) and Instagram (COCountryLife) pages.

Water at Play

1st Place – Submitted by Randy Osga, La Plata Electric

“Yoga on the San Juan”

2nd Place – Submitted by Kimberlee Hutcherson, La Plata Electric

“Pure Colorado”

3rd Place – Submitted by Yvonee Chochrane, La Plata Electric

“Gosling in the Pond”

Active Play

1st Place – Submitted by Brad Weinmeister, La Plata Electric

“Sloppy Kiss”

2nd Place – Submitted by William Kapfer, Mountain View Electric


3rd Place – Submitted by Natalie Heller, San Miguel Power

“Gotta Run”

Settings for Play

1st Place – Submitted by Karen Mason

“King of His Domain”

2nd Place – Submitted by Donnell Allen, Mountain View Electric

“A Quiet Fishing Spot”

3rd Place – Submitted by Linda Snodgrass, Grand Valley Power

“Colorado River”

People and/or Pets at Play

1st Place – Submitted by Zach Chapman, Highline Electric

“Curious Cow”

2nd Place – Submitted by Elizabeth Chang, Poudre Valley Rural Electric

“Ultimate Sledding”

3rd Place – Submitted by Yvonee Cochrane, La Plata Electric

“A Man, a Dog, a Journey”