Photo Contest: Runner Ups

"Marmot Lookout"

Colorado Country Life received a deluge of dynamic photos for this year’s photo contest and we want to highlight a handful that impressed us immensely. Enjoy!


Jerry Barger, "Spring Runoff"

Jerry Barger, “Spring Runoff”


"Sandhill Cranes Over the North Platte"

Leslie Larson, “Sandhill Cranes Over the North Platte”


Kim Goldberger, "Afternoon Dunes"

Kim Goldberger, “Afternoon Dunes”


"Unnamed Falls"

Rod Gardner, “Unnamed Falls”


"Meadow Lark"

Joyce E. Edson, “Meadow Lark”


Melissa Haberzetti, Untitled

Melissa Haberzetti, Untitled


Joyce Hill, "Spirit Gulch"

Joyce Hill, “Spirit Gulch”


John Mumaw, "Yankee Basin Dandy"

John Mumaw, “Yankee Basin Dandy”


"Nellie Creek Draining Uncompahgre Peak"

Mike Thompson, “Nellie Creek Draining Uncompahgre Peak”


"Marmot Lookout"

Leah Wzientek, “Marmot Lookout”


"Kayakers on the Animas River"

Rod Gardner, “Kayakers on the Animas River”


Joyce E. Edson, "Bull Elk in a Rut"

Joyce E. Edson, “Bull Elk in a Rut”


Larry Hefling, "Fall Flowers"

Larry Hefling, “Fall Flowers”


Dusti Wolfe, "Fall Views"

Dusti Wolfe, “Fall Views”


Jerry Clark, "Shimmering Waters Sunset"

Jerry Clark, “Shimmering Waters Sunset”


Sue Conry, "Wandering River"

Sue Conry, “Wandering River”


David Dahms, Untitled

David Dahms, Untitled


"Ophir Snow Cave"

John Mumaw, “Ophir Snow Cave”