Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner - Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
Kevin Costner, 62, is an award-winning actor, producer and musician well-known for  “Dances with Wolves” and several baseball-themed movies.

We lived in Minnesota and my daughter Emily’s best friend, Joy, lived six houses down. After high school, Joy went to California and had lunch at Clint Eastwood’s restaurant, Hog’s Breath Inn. Clint was there and Joy got her picture taken with him. Emily was jealous of her friend’s brush with fame. Her turn came when we were in South Dakota.

We visited Deadwood and dined at Kevin Costner’s restaurant, Midnight Star. The maître d’ took a shine to Emily and mentioned that Costner would be meeting his parents for dinner that night. We waited for an hour, but he did not show up. The restaurant was busy, so we gave up our table and waited outside. After an hour, he and his brother walked right passed us wearing jeans, t-shirts and ball caps. Neither my wife nor Emily recognized him. When I told them Kevin Costner just walked by, they ran after him and caught him on the stairs of the restaurant. Emily got her photo taken with him. We then sent that photo to the maître de, who had Kevin Costner sign it.
John Wallestad, Westcliffe, member of Sangre de Cristo Electric