Sustain Self-Esteem Through Adversity

Dignitana AB’s DigniCap® can lessen hair loss through its Food and Drug Administration-cleared scalp cooling system for men and women chemotherapy patients with solid tumor cancers. And FDA clearance is expanding.

“Dignitana’s mission remains focused on providing cancer patients with the best possible care and outcomes as they undergo treatment,” said William Cronin, chief executive officer of Dignitana, Inc. “As the first in the U.S. to provide an FDA-cleared solution to prevent chemotherapy-induced hair loss, we’ve seen firsthand the tremendous impact this new technology can have on patient well-being. Together with our medical center partners we are working to lessen the emotional burden that so many patients have faced until now. We hope this expanded FDA clearance will be welcome news for thousands of Americans diagnosed with solid tumors each year.”

Peyton Manning partnered with the University of Colorado Hospital’s Men for the Cure fundraiser in 2016 where $400,000 was donated to help fund DigniCap® treatments. Currently, there are six cancer treatment centers in Colorado that are or will be using the cap for their patients. For more information or to find a treatment center near you that employs the use of DigniCap®, visit