Father’s Day Finds


Timeless gifts the dad in your life will love

The second Sunday in June is always dedicated to Dad. We’ve gathered a list of things he will enjoy all year long, not just this month. Save this list for his birthday and holiday gift giving, too!

A Creative Way to Stand Out

Based in the Santa Fe Arts District near downtown Denver, Knotty Tie Co. specializes in customizable neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and other printed goods such as scarves, robes, and even suspenders — all made with high-quality sustainable fabrics. All products are printed, cut, and sewn at the Denver manufacturing facility. Knotty Tie offers hundreds of creative and unique designs, patterns, and themes. Father’s Day favorites include a space-themed collection, national parks collection, and dogs collection. Colors can be customized online to create a unique, memorable, and special gift. Visit www.knottytie.com to shop.


Spice it Up in the Kitchen

Flatiron Pepper Co. flakes are the secret to making ordinary food into spicy masterpieces. Flatiron chooses the absolute best and most flavorful chile peppers from around the world, ensuring that each blend delivers plenty of heat and a burst of fresh flavor in every shake of the bottle. The Arvada-based company’s products come in a variety of heat levels with no added salt or fillers. Owners Matt and Mike make sure flavor comes first and heat second. Perfect for pizza, stir-fry, pasta, steak, or any other dish that needs to make an impression. Shop at www.flatironpepper.com.


Luxury Scents

Wit & West Perfumes is Colorado-based perfumery with a focus on rare ingredients and unique colognes that evolve as you wear them and that don’t smell like everything else. The smallbatch perfumery uses only the finest, high-quality, 100% natural whole botanicals and naturally derived ingredients that are carefully selected, sourced, and handmade from raw materials. Learn more at www.witandwest.com and follow @witandwest.


Lasting Leather Goods

A passion for artisanship meets the rugged beauty of Colorado’s wilderness in Colored Red Leather Goods. Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, the handmade leather goods are a testament to the spirit of adventure and timeless quality. Each piece, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, embodies the essence of the great outdoors, designed to withstand the elements. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a weekend wanderer, Colored Red Leather Goods invites you to experience the artistry and authenticity of finely crafted leather goods. Shop at www.coloredredleathergoods.com.


Soaring to New Heights

“Find your wings” in Old Town Fort Collins at the Akinz flagship store. Many of the clothes, headwear, and accessories you’ll find there are handcrafted in the back of the shop and are designed to encourage people to push life to the limit and reach for the sky. Find the perfect gift at www.akinz.com.

Enter to win Akinz’s Five Star View hat and have Dad’s gift taken care of for Father’s Day on June 16. Visit the Reader Engagement page and enter to win. This contest closes June 11 — enter today!