Buzzing in the Kitchen

October Giveaway - Cookbook and Jar of Honeyville Honey

Buzzing in the Kitchen

When it comes to natural sweeteners, nothing is better than honey. It is delicious in every form — comb, crystallized, liquid, or whipped. The pantry staple can be used in just about any recipe, whether you’re grilling or baking. This month we teamed up with the folks from Durango-based Honeyville to showcase a few of their recipes from their second edition of Buzzing in the Kitchen cookbook. Their second edition cookbook is packed with a 100 recipes all made for recent catalog photo shoots, using Honeyville products in every recipe. The breakfast fruit and cinnamon biscuit ka-bobs dipped in Chokecherry Syrup are one of their favorites.

Honeyville Featured Recipes

Apple Cinnamon Cheesy Brie

Honey Pork Chops

Amaretto Honey Cake


Recipes and photos provided by Honeyville Colorado, excerpted from Colorado Country Life and Honeyville Colorado

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