Something Good Out of Wood

Editor’s note: Syd Wood is one of the featured subjects in this month’s feature story, Building Beautiful Bird Decoys. Click here to read the story. 

Syd Wood’s dad gave him a copy of this poem by Harry K. Glanding many, many years ago. It has been a source of courage and inspiration to him ever since, perhaps more so now than ever.

The Craftsman
By Harry K. Glanding

When I was a lad
Living home with my Dad
A feeling I’ve had
That is good:
That someday I’d find
A real peace of mind
And make something
Good out of wood.

This job is OK
Besides it’s good pay
But I’d leave it today
If I could.
And go out somewhere
And breathe God’s pure air
And make something
Good out of wood.

Alas when I die
And go up in the sky
And I will if I try
And I should.
I’ll fall on my knees
And say, “Lord, if you please
Let me make something
Good out of Wood

See an inspiring video tribute to Syd, produced by his nephew, Grant Wood, at