Snowman Charcuterie Board


This Snowman Charcuterie Board is adapted from the “Winter Wonderland Board” featured in Beautiful Boards by Maegan Brown, The BakerMama.

1 4-inch round cheese (I used mozzarella)
2 6-inch round spreadable cheese (I used Mexican fresco cheese, but I suggest a cheese with less moisture)
1 (3-ounce) bag white cheddar mini rice cakes
2 sandwich cookies (such as Oreos)
24 ounces blueberries
1 baby carrot
1 red licorice strip
1 beef stick
3 slices provolone cheese, cut into star shapes using cookie cutter
1/4 cup blueberry jam
1/4 cup blueberry yogurt
14 scalloped-edge crackers
2 cups popcorn
5 biscotti cookies
1/2 cup yogurt-covered raisins
1/2 cup miniature marshmallows
1/2 cup peanuts

1. Place the 4-inch cheese round at the top center of charcuterie board and then place the two remaining cheese rounds below to create the body of the snowman.
2. To build the hat, take one mini rice cake and place it atop the snowman’s head; stack the two sandwich cookies atop the rice cake.
3. Position six blueberries on the snowman’s face to create the eyes and mouth; place three blueberries on the middle cheese round for buttons. Next, place the baby carrot on the face for the nose.
4. Cut the licorice strip in half to create the scarf; trim as needed.
5. Cut the beef stick in half and insert the pieces in the middle cheese round to create arms.
6. Scatter the remaining blueberries at the top third of the charcuterie board to create the sky. Take the three star-shaped provolone cheese slices and place them on top of the blueberries. Place the jam in a small serving bowl and position bowl on the middle right side of board.
7. Place the yogurt in a small serving bowl and position bowl to the middle left of board. Line the crackers around one side of the bottom cheese round.
8. Spread the popcorn across the bottom of the board to create the snow. On the bottom left, place the biscotti cookies in the space between the yogurt serving bowl and popcorn.
9. Spread the yogurt-covered raisins and marshmallows in the empty spaces on the left side of the board.
10. On the right side of the board, stack the rice cakes along the bottom side of the jam serving bowl. Fill the remaining empty space above the serving bowl with peanuts.
11. Enjoy! Snap a picture and share it with us at

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