September 2022 Funny Stories

I was babysitting my 3-year-old granddaughter and we needed a few things from the store. As I was putting her in her car seat, she looked at me and pointed:

Munchkin: “Pompo…” (she calls me Pompo)
Me: “Yeah, Munchkin?” (I call her Munchkin)
Munchkin, looking at me intently: “You got a ‘pider in your nose!”
Me: “Where?”
Munchkin: “Right dare!”
Me, brushing my nose: “Right there?”
Munchkin: “It’s still dare! It’s a big one!”
Me, brushing my nose again: “Here?”
Munchkin: “Eeeeww! It jump on me!”
Me, a little shook up: “Where?”
Munchkin, flapping her coat and then her legs: “Aaaaah!”
Me, stomping on the floor of the pickup: “I got it!”
Munchkin: “Did you kill it?”
Me, just realizing she thought my nose hair was a spider: “Yeah…”
Munchkin, wiping her forehead: “Whew!”
Me, trying not to laugh, I tell myself: “Time to cut the nose hair!”
Joseph Vigil, Pueblo West 
San Isabel Electric consumer-member

My niece was bold and outspoken as a toddler. Our family prayed a blessing before mealtime, and she knew prayers end with “Amen.” As the family sat in church one Sunday, a visiting minister was waxing eloquent in a long prayer. Loudly and assertively, my niece hollered, “Amen! OK?”
Mike Coen, Berthoud
Poudre Valley REA consumer-member