Homemade Tortillas

September 30, 2022

Once you try homemade tortillas, you'll never go back to store-bought. Just be sure to eat them up straight away or freeze them as they can mold quickly.



Mix in a bowl the flour, a dash of salt and enough warm water to make a paste. If dough is too sticky, add in a little more flour. Form dough into a ball and work in the lard. Cover dough with cloth as it rests in a bowl, 5-10 minutes, to allow any liquid to soak into the flour. Roll tortillas out thin. Cook on a hot comal pan* until both sides are cooked through and turning golden, about a minute per side. Stack warm tortillas wrapped in a cloth to keep them soft.

* Don’t have a comal pan? You can use a skillet or electric griddle instead, heated to a temperature of 400 degrees.

Find authentic recipes, like these authentic homemade tortillas, from "A Taste of History" at https://www.atasteofhistory.org/recipes/. For more great cooking ideas, visit our Recipes page at https://coloradocountrylife.coop/recipes/.


2 cups flour

Salt, to taste

1 tablespoon lard