October 2022 Funny Stories

After 51 years, I recently reconnected with my former girls’ camp director, Dan Boone. At age 90 he is still very alert and driving every day. He was stopped by a police officer asking for his ID. Dan apologized that he had left his wallet at home but said “My name is Daniel Boone.” The officer wisecracked, “Oh sure, and my name is Davey Crockett.”
Lynne Becker, Colorado Springs 
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member 

My highly educated friends decided to only use the scientific terminology “micturate” and “defecate” when toilet training their child. They forgot to teach the babysitter. 
Jan Liu, Granby 
Mountain Parks Electric consumer-member

One day, my 4-year-old Madi wanted to share her solitary gumdrop. First, she gave her daddy a nibble of her gumdrop. Then she held up the gumdrop for me to take a nibble. When I hesitated (thinking about where her little hands had been), she let me know that it was perfectly sanitary. “I licked Daddy’s germs off,” she reassured me. 
Alicia Riley, Grand Junction 
Grand Valley Power consumer-member 

When I told my parents over the phone that my husband has the flu, my dad asked, “Have you tried euthanasia?” In the background my mom yelled, “For the last time, it’s echinacea!”