October 2018 Funny Stories

I went out trick or treating with my daughter and two grandsons. We had a lot of fun seeing all the goblins, ghosts and monsters, and the boys received a lot of treats. We decided to end our night around 8 p.m. since it was getting pretty cold out. As we drove up Grand Avenue, we passed by our church. I said, “Oh, we forgot to go by the preacher’s house.”

My 5-year-old grandson in the back seat said, “Oh, I want to go to the creature’s house!”
Shar Thomas, Mancos

When the neighbors came by trick or treating for Halloween, we happily filled their bags with assorted candies. Their littlest daughter remembered that last year I added a penny to their bags and asked if we were going to give her a penny this year. We chuckled and then grabbed a penny to put in her bag.

Her older brother said, “I would take a quarter, instead.”

Without missing a beat, their father remarked, “Well, the school did tell us he should be in the gifted and talented program!”
Lucy Floyd, Peyton

While having breakfast and listening to traffic reports, a very fast-speaking reporter said there was a traffic problem due to a vampire on I-25 near Orchard Avenue. A few minutes later, it still sounded like the same report. About 10 minutes after that, a clearer report stated the traffic problem on I-25 was due to a van fire.
Don Williams, Tabernash