November 2019 Funny Stories

We were out doing some Thanksgiving food shopping and had a full load of groceries in the Yukon. We were on our way to the last store and my daughter Emma said, “Mom! You forgot to leave a space for the hamster!” Thinking she was playing pretend, as she often does, I assured her that hamsters can fit in very small spaces. She looked confused and said, “But, if it’s a small one, how will everyone get enough to eat on Thanksgiving?” Now I was confused. The confusion was cleared up a bit when we picked up our 26-pound frozen ham at our last stop. Wide eyed, she said, “That must be the biggest hamster ever!”
Cindy Rohde, Rifle

It was late one fall and we were planning our Christmas decorations, but we were behind schedule raking fall leaves. I was scooping leaves into a trash bag when 4-year-old Travis asked me what I was doing. I told him I was gathering the leaves. “Oh,” he said. “So you can put them up again next year!”
Granny Bobbie, Ignacio

When my 3 year old was happily taking a walk with me one very cold day, his eyes started to water. He glanced up at me with a teardrop rolling down his cheek and, with some confusion, said, “Look! I’m sad!”
Denise Alexander, Durango

Seeing my 6 year old dressed up, I told her she was as cute as a button. My 3-year old, standing there and wanting to be cute too, said, “And I’m as cute as a long string!”
Michelle Stevens, Colorado Springs