New Addition to Video Game Series

Join Alex Chen, a young girl with the supernatural power to literally see emotions, in the fictional Colorado town of Haven Springs in “Life is Strange: True Colors,” the latest installment of the “Life is Strange” video game series that was developed in real-life Boulder County.

“When we were looking where to set our story about finding a home, it took us a while to realize the perfect place to set our story was around us: our home state of Colorado,” says Rebeccah Bassell, producer at Deck Nine Games on Life is Strange: True Colors. “The flora, the fauna, the mountains, the people – what’s not to love about Colorado? We’re excited to share our favorite aspects of living in Colorado, shown in Haven Springs.”

Help Alex unravel the mysterious death of her brother and discover the secrets of the townspeople. Available on most major gaming platforms on September 10. For more information, visit