Move Over for Co-op Crews

Every year, workers along the sides of roads and highways are injured or killed when a car or truck crashes into the crew’s site, even when that site is marked with bright orange cones and the trucks’ lights are flashing. Drivers can change those statistics.

Colorado’s statutes require a driver coming up on public utility vehicles parked by the side of the road to reduce and maintain a safe speed. A safe speed is defined as 25 miles per hour in an area with a posted speed limit of 45 mph or less and at least 20 mph less than the posted speed in areas where the speed limit is over 45 mph. These same rules apply for other emergency vehicles, tow trucks and police and highway patrol vehicles.

Other states have similar laws, as protecting electric co-op crews and other emergency and highway personnel is always a priority.

So, as you travel this summer, when you see the orange cones and flashing lights, slow down and move over when you can. That will help lower the statistics and make it a better summer for everyone.