May 2021 Funny Stories

My great, great granddaughter, 5-year-old Logan, asked her momma, “Are we beans? “Of course not,” her momma said. Logan piped up, “Then, why do they always say human beans?”
Pat Berridge, Grand Junction
Grand Valley Power consumer-member

My granddaughter entered the kitchen at the same time my daughter was adding kidney beans to a stew she was making for supper. “What are those funny shaped things you are putting in the pot?” she asked. “They’re kidney beans,” her mother replied. With a curious look on her face she asked, “Why are they called kidney beans?” Her mom answered, “Because they look like kidneys.” Puzzled my granddaughter looked toward the floor and replied, “They sure don’t look like this kid’s knees.”
Margaret and Jack Butler, Cotopaxi
Sangre de Cristo Electric Association consumer-members

My birthday falls in May and, one year for my 30th birthday, I was headed out to dinner with a group of friends. On our way we began noticing groups of teenagers driving around, dressed to the nines. Prom! It just so happened to be prom night. I joked, “I wonder if my old prom dress still fits?” My husband spun the car around and drove back home, laughing all the way. He got down on a knee and asked if I would go with him to prom that night. Of course, I said yes. My whole group of friends got dressed in formal gowns and went out to eat, pretending we were teenagers again. It was so funny that it became an annual tradition!
Aimee Markwardt, Berthoud
Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association consumer-member