May 2020 Funny Stories

My daughter was telling my 5-year-old granddaughter, Macy, that Mimi and Papa were celebrating their anniversary. She then asked Macy, “How long do you think they’ve been married?” Macy asked, “Is it in the one hundreds?” We were celebrating our 45th.
Debra Wilson, Berthoud

Our family of six was headed to the nature center in Pueblo in our Expedition and we were evenly spaced out between the three rows in our car. Our daughter said, “Mom, someone needs to sit on the roof because this is not social distancing!”
April Cowley, Pueblo West

I have horses and my grandson, who is 3 years old, would come out with me sometimes to help feed them. One day I was telling my grandson that my horse, Little Bit, is a paint horse. He then asked me, “Why did you paint Little Bit?”
Jeanne Baxter, Elbert

Out for a drive one day with my 4-year-old granddaughter, I was commenting on the melting snow and the trees starting to bud. “Spring is just around the corner,” I said. Of course, just at that moment, I made a turn down a side road. “This corner?” my granddaughter asked.