March 2021 Funny Stories

Several years after retiring from higher education in Colorado, I took a job to supplement our income as the front counterperson in the Goodyear shop in Evergreen. One snowy day, a gentleman hurriedly came in and asked if we had windshield wipers. I got the information on his vehicle and checked in our computer system, which showed we did have what he needed. “We’ve got them,” I said. “Eight dollars each and we could get them installed for you in just a few minutes.”

“Eight dollars!” he exclaimed. “I was just at Walmart and theirs are just over $3.”

“Well,” I said, “you are certainly welcome to buy them at Walmart.”

“I can’t,” he said. “They are out of the size I need.”

Trying to make my smile as friendly as possible, I said, “Well, when we are out of them ours are free, but when we’ve got ’em, they’re $8.”

He bought them.
Aubrey Holderness, Salida

My wife, Laura, and I were entertaining two of our grandchildren a few years back. My 3-year-old granddaughter was standing in my lap and running her hands through my hair. When she noticed my bald spot, she raised her voice and proclaimed, “Pappa, you have a hole in your head!”
Ken Schramer, Mesa

Not long ago, our 3-year-old great-grandson was saying a prayer at dinnertime. He said, “Thank you, Lord, for our food and Grandpa and Grandma and Mama and …” At this point, he wrinkled up his face in deep thought and then, with his eyes still closed, said, “And thank you for people with brains!” He was a little surprised when we all busted out laughing!
Steva Davis, Colorado Springs