March 2019 Funny Stories

My son had to go out of town on business, so he asked me if his mother and I would stay with his children, Halle and Sawyer, while they were gone. Of course, I said yes.

Because Halle takes advanced courses and always has a lot of homework, my son asked if I would help her if need be. I said yes. Testing me, my son asked if I still remembered how to figure the circumference of a circle. I said yes. He then asked, “How about a triangle?” I said no. Halle, listening in on the conversation, said, “Did they have triangles in Grandpa’s day?”
Burt Hablutzel, Berthoud

Our 3-year-old grandson was visiting. One morning while I was brushing my teeth, he walked into the bathroom with a small guitar in hand and said, “This song doesn’t have any words,” and proceeded to strum the guitar strings a few times. He then informed me that his next song has words. After strumming the strings a few more times he stopped and looked up at me as the toothpaste foamed in my mouth. “You’re not singing!” he said.
Michael Plaster, Kiowa

My son and daughter-in-law were swinging my 3-year-old grandson in his swing trying to get him to sleep. He was in his onesie pjs and my son noticed them getting small on him, so he said to his wife, “I think we need to cut his feet off.” My grandson, shocked, said “If you cut my feet off, how am I going to walk?”
Patricia Busa, Peyton