Resolve to Clean Up the Clutter

The clutter that surrounds you can cause anxiety and impede productivity, so resolve to get organized this year.

coverAspen resident Evan Zislis, professional organizer, founder of Intentional Solutions and author of ClutterFree Revolution: Simplify Your Stuff, Organize Your Life & Save the World, suggests that you first visualize what you want from your space. “Then take away all the things that aren’t in that vision,” he says. “Organize the things that are important and make it beautiful – design it with style and vibrancy so you’re inspired to do the maintenance.”

Showcase the items you desire and get rid of everything else: recycle, consign or throw it away. If you have belongings you want to keep but can’t find a place for, find a storage facility to keep it all safe.

“Whether you’re expanding your family, downsizing your home, need an off-site location to store your business items or just don’t have the storage space you need, a storage unit can be of valuable assistance,” says Marcus Mollman, founder and CEO of Denver-based Closetbox, a full-service storage company. “But driving back and forth from your home or business to a storage facility is sometimes overwhelming, especially when faced with inclement weather and heavy traffic.”


Closetbox comes to you and does the heavy lifting

To avoid the nuances of traditional storage facilities, give Closetbox a shot. They will come to you, pick up the items you want stored and bring them to a secure storage unit. When you want any or all of your items returned, give them a call and they’ll bring them right back to your doorstep. The company currently has 63 locations including Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver and Fort Collins, and they’re growing. Visit or call 877-433-9636 to get started. Click here to watch a comical video on how it works.

Need a little more guidance? Go to to purchase Zislis’ book or visit participate in his new webinar, the ClutterFree Revolution Academy.

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