January 2021 Funny Stories

Close up of a cow looking into the camera lens

Whether it’s for a long weekend or weeks at a time, my 3-year-old grandson Carter has been coming to our cattle ranch on the Colorado Western Slope since he was born. His favorite activity is being outside with his grandpa and grandma, inquisitively learning about cows, tractors and equipment.

The nights are cool here at our ranch and Carter prefers to snuggle with us come bedtime. Many nights I use a corn bag to warm the sheets. Carter has claimed my “corn bag ritual” as his own: Find the corn bag, microwave it, put it under the covers. As we all cozy in, the corn bag often finds its way down to warm up our feet.

One night I could feel the heat of the corn bag but couldn’t find it with my feet. “Where’s the corn bag?” I asked my grandson.

Carter replied, “It’s on my cows, Grandma.”

“Cows?” I asked, a bit perplexed. Then my feet found it on his legs. He meant on his “calves!” We all had a hearty laugh!
Sandy Guerrieri, Gunnison


My 5-year-old son and I were watching a movie together and he decided he wanted to be on my lap. I helped lift him as he climbed on and grunted out loud. He asked if he was getting way too heavy for me and I said yes. He responded, “Well, then you should exercise more!”

I had to laugh at that logic.
Diana Selby, Severance