Home-Wiring Kit Tested to Help Those Without Electricity

NRECA International, an electric co-op philanthropic organization that develops and implements electrification programs across the globe, built an affordable home-wiring kit that has the potential to bring electricity to millions

The device, being piloted in Uganda, can be installed in a two-room house for about $65, far cheaper than the $250 to $500 it typically costs to connect a home to Uganda’s electrical grid. Many Ugandans live close to power lines but can’t afford to connect to them.

It is hoped that this standardized, safe, low-cost package, which uses parts readily available in Uganda, will make connection more economical and doable.

For the pilot project, kits were installed in 20 Ugandan homes. Ultimately, the goal is to install them throughout Uganda. The government goal is to connect 300,000 new homes to the grid each year over a 10-year period.