Helliemae’s: Mouth Watering Caramels


After your first taste, the crinkly sound of cellophane is all it takes to make your mouth water when unwrapping a second (and third, and maybe even a fourth) Helliemae’s Caramel. At least, that’s what happened when CCL Editorial Assistant Kylee Coleman tried them for the first time.

Created by a team at a production kitchen in Wheatridge, the small-batch, bite-sized caramels are fresh and rich with flavor. The smooth texture provides a good “chew,” but also melts in your mouth. Helliemae’s makes popular, classic flavors such as Sea Salt caramels and Vanilla Vanilla caramels. And its line of creative flavors, such as Whiskey Love Bomb, Espresso, Chili Palmer, Harvest Apple Cider and Gingerbread are sure to delight even the most discerning caramel connoisseur.

Learn more and shop the selection at saltcaramels.com.