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Feeding Fowl Far and Wide

In the small town of Flagler, Wagner’s, a century-old wild bird seed company, has a big presence. It’s in this town — once dubbed “the birdseed capital of the world” — where the company operates one of its production plants and where dozens of locals make a living. The company’s goal, it says, “is to provide the absolute best wild bird feeding pleasure” for its customers. The folks in Flagler are helping the company live up to that standard by staying steadfast in producing some of the finest bird seed around — something birds all over the globe appreciate.

Favorite Foods

If you want to attract the widest variety of birds to your feeder, Tom Lokitus, Vice President of sales at Wagner’s, says the company’s 100% Black Oil Sunflower Seed “is the single most popular seed for feeding wild birds.”

Because of its thin shells, birds can more easily consume these sunflower seeds, and the seeds give the birds high energy to help them go about their daily tasks. Multiple ingredient blends are also hot-ticket items, Lokitus says.

Simple Suggestions

To improve your chances of attracting birds to your outdoor space, Lokitus suggests setting up two or three feeders and providing them with a bird bath, which additionally attracts non-seed eating birds. Place the feeders where birds can easily identify them and where they can provide cover from inclement weather conditions and wildlife adversaries. The fat and protein in seeds and nuts help wild birds survive harsh weather all year long and give them energy to build their nests and feed their young.

Wild Birds of Colorado

There are more than 400 species of birds in Colorado, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Depending on where you roost in the Centennial State, you could attract visitors such as woodpeckers, chickadees, finches, nuthatches, mourning doves and more. You can also attract squirrels, so look for feeders specifically designed to dissuade them from infringing.

Where to Buy?

Check with your local home improvement store or nursery for availability or order Wagner’s bird seed from online retailers, such as and