February 2022 Funny Stories

I was talking to a little boy after church who was about 7 years old. He had a large extended family and they were all planning a family get-together in Mexico. I said, “Wow, Jace, that sounds like a really great trip. Do you know where in Mexico you will be going?” He said, “Yeah, someplace called all-inclusive.”
Kathy Cain, Yampa
Yampa Valley Electric Association consumer-member

When my granddaughter was about 7 years old, she came to visit. We got up the next morning and I was still in my pajamas. My husband told me I should put some clothes on, so I did. She looked at me and asked, “Do you have to mind Pawpaw?”
Linda Evans, Elbert
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member

We were just finishing a big meal of Chinese food when my 8-year-old daughter piped up, “I am so full! But I feel my heart beating hard and I think it’s beating for those wontons!” She thought for a moment, then made a decision: “I’m just gonna sneak one without my tummy noticing.”
Kelsey Gilbert, Monument
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member