EV-Friendly Corridors in Colorado


An eight-state collective made up of Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico is working to build EV-friendly corridors through the idyllic landscapes of the Mountain West.

The plan for electric vehicle corridors throughout the Mountain West, known as ChargeWest, was put in motion around seven years ago when politicians and environmental activists came together with a vision of working together to ensure charging capabilities for residents and visitors traveling through states.

“The Intermountain West is becoming one of the most visited places in the United States,” said Tammie Bostick, ChargeWest project lead. “We want the modern traveler to experience the same highways and byways of our Western heritage with today’s new electric fuel horsepower.”

The ChargeWest project is only adding to what is already a growing network of electric vehicle corridors throughout the U.S. According to the ChargeWest website, there are currently 1,559 charging stations in Colorado.