December 2022 Funny Stories

I love how children listen to music and hear it slightly differently. When my son Marcus was 4 years old, he loved the song “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” which follows with “lean your ear this way.” But he heard it differently and sang loud and clear, “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, CLEAN your ear this way.” 
Pat Berridge, Grand Junction 
Grand Valley Power consumer-member 
While driving with my granddaughter, she asked me, “Can we stop for a milkshake?” Pausing, she added, “Grandma, I’m craving milk. I think I’m low on lactose intolerance.” 
Beverly Shelden, Foss, Oklahoma 
San Isabel Electric Association consumer-member 
I woke up one morning and my 3-year-old grandson was standing next to my bed. He informed me that my nose makes music when I sleep. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! 
Kelly Kirwan, Monument 
Mountain View Electric Association consumer-member 
Our little farm girl granddaughter had quite the vocabulary when she was just 2 years old. She’d talk about the side-roll field, the telehandler, the swather, and other farm equipment. One day when her daddy was removing a faulty switch in the kitchen range, she piped up, “Does it need a new alternator?” 
Karen Seim, Glade Park 
Grand Valley Power consumer-member