Creative Projects for Kids

Need some creative ways to keep your children engaged? Grab their colored pencils and crayons, then print up one (or all!) of these creative projects for them to complete. Not only are they fun, but they just might learn something along the way!

Insulators & Conductors Word Scramble:

Energy Efficiency Word Scramble:

Efficiency Word Search:

“Sorting Things Out” Recycling Activity:

“Energy Vampires” Activity:

Spring Safety Coloring Sheet:

Renewable Energy Sources Crossword Puzzle:

“Energy Conservation Tips” Fill in the Blank:

Electrifying Word Search:

Solar Crossword:

Spring Efficiency Quiz:

Power Outage Maze Activity:

Electrical Hazard Activity:

Energy Terms Quiz:

Summer Energy Savings Word Search

Electrical Safety Crossword Puzzle

Lineworker Gear Word Search

Lineworker Gear Coloring Sheet

Appliance Word Search

Electrical Safety Quiz

Swimming Pool Safety Fill-in-the-Blank

Thank a Lineworker Coloring Sheet

Solar Power Coloring Sheet

Water and Power Don’t Mix Coloring Sheet