CREA Wins Communications Awards for 2020

CREA’s communications department earned four awards in the Cooperative Communicators Association annual awards ceremony. Professional communicators representing 40 cooperatives (not just electric cooperatives) from across the United States and Canada submitted 500 entries in this year’s competition.

Colorado Country Life’s production manager/magazine designer, Cassi Gloe, won a second place award in the publication category for article design. The award was for the design of the August 2020 cover story “Star of the Clouds.”

CREA Executive Director Kent Singer also won a second place award for his editorial in the May 2020 issue titled “Co-op Strong: Optimistically working toward a return to normal.”

The magazine also won third place in the photography category Cover of the Year for its June cover of two young boys focused on electronic devices. The cover story was titled “Stay In & Stream.”

CREA, which represents the state’s 22 electric distribution co-ops and its one power supply co-op, won third place in the brochure category for its “Powering Your Community” explanation of electric co-ops.